Kansas City Juggling Festival 2017

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Fri, Sep 8 2017 5:00 PM Sun, Sep 10 2017 5:00 PM

The Kansas City Juggling Club and Rockhurst High School are hosting the Kansas City Juggling Festival 2017! Come one come all! We have a great line up this year for the Great Kansas City Circus Show including:
Josh Horton
Damian Blake 
and our very own Noah Schmeissner !
As always KC is planning amazing workshops for all levels including Simul Passing Workshop,  Pastie Workshop, paper airplane competition and much more!!

We look forward to seeing you this year!
As always contact us for free crash space and any questions.
Please check out our Facebook Event at

2017 performers:
"Crazy Boy" Coy Espinosa - Emcee
4s Company -- Comedy Singing
Beau Poehlman -- Juggling
Damian Blake -- Comedy 
Noah Schmeissner -- Technical Juggling
Joseph Harris -- Yo-yo
Josh Horton -- Sport Juggling